About Us

Skillet, a.k.a. frying pan is a commonly use and important kitchen utensil for chefs. The name symbolises our motto to adopt a stress-free creation for every produce.

We are a cuisine-agnostic restaurant. This means that we don’t limit ourselves to any labels; but instead, we are a restaurant that injects wild ideas into our food. Executive head chef Raymond Tham, combines gastronomic ingenuity with diverse ingredients to create bold and familiar flavour blends. As a trained pastry chef, one should expect exciting flavours in their palates.

Our setting creates a modern, fun atmosphere that promises a welcoming and laidback experience for all guests. We dare to be defiant towards normality and produce dishes that are uncluttered, seasonally driven, modernly executed with freshly sourced ingredients and items homemade to perfection. Our European dishes which are decidedly Asian are sure to create an exciting experience which allows Raymond’s colourful and creative dishes to shine.


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