About Maui Eco Tours – Why Choose Us?

The original and still the best, Maui Eco Tours, has been Maui’s premier kayak, snorkel and water sports rental and tour provider since 1991. We pride ourselves in sharing visitors to Maui (and locals too) of all ages and ability levels to a different side of Maui; stunning coastlines, pristine tropical waters teaming with sea-life and marine mammals and colorful coral reefs in an up close and personal, environmentally friendly, small group setting. Our goal is and has always been that we want your time with us to be your best Maui vacation experience.
We Have Amazing Guides.
The talent runs deep at Maui Eco Tours. Our guides and instructors are highly dedicated, skilled and experienced professionals with a deep love of the ocean and the Island and enjoy sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with others. Our guides are well- trained and understand the importance of making sure that each guest gets the very best experience possible, whether they are kayaking, snorkeling, surfing or learning another water sport. At Maui Eco Tours, our guides really do make the difference.

Our Guides Snorkel with You.
This one seems like it would be a “no-brainer”, however it’s not. Only the Maui Eco Tours guides and one other company regularly physically get in the water and snorkel with you on each and every tour, every day. When you’re out on the water with us, we’ll come across other outfitters and you’ll see what we mean. They will have guests in the water while their guides are relaxing in their kayak! Not only is that bad from a safety standpoint, it really stinks in terms of personal attention. With our guides in the water with you, you’ll see more marine life than if you were just snorkeling on your own, as our staff will point things out, snap pictures and be right there if you need them.

We Avoid Crowds.
This is sort of “our thing” you might say. We do snorkel in the general vicinity of other snorkeling operators, namely the “big boat companies”, but our small, non-motorized kayaks allow us to get into spots that the big boats simply can’t go. This means that we see the best scenery, in a private setting, and avoid the ruckus caused by the dozens of big tour boats, each carrying nearly 100 guests. Compare that to our small groups and you’ll love the difference!

In Business Since 1991.
We’ve been at this for over two decades, and experience counts. For safety, quality and a highly rated kayak snorkel experience, you want an established, reputable company and staff guiding you on your Maui ocean adventures.

Even though we have been at this for a long time, we are always looking for ways to improve and creating new and memorable ocean experiences for our guests.

Top Quality Equipment
Our state-of-the-art touring kayaks are stable, safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly. We refresh our entire gear stash, every single year. This means our guests get to use top quality, like-new, silicone snorkel masks and semi-dry snorkels. Same goes for our life jackets. We have appropriately sized gear for full size adults, and small children and every size in between.

Respect the Environment
A key maxim that is unique to us at Maui Eco Tours is that on any given day, we never have more than 20 guests on the water, island-wide. In addition, our maximum number of 20 is indeed a maximum, and is almost always substantially less. This means that on most every single day, we have an absolute minimum impact on our environment by limiting both numbers and concentrations of guests across the island of Maui. Not only does this help keep our environment pristine, it also means an incredible time for our guests, as our groups are always small and private. That is why our name Maui “Eco” Tours is so fitting.

We Give Our Best.
When you come on a trip with us, we want you to leave with a spectacular experience that you’ll remember forever. Over the years we have received hundreds of un-solicited reviews expressing gratitude for the caliber of tours/lessons that we offer. If you’re considering joining us, we highly recommend that you check out the reviews on TripAdvisor.com and Yelp.com – our great reviews speak for themselves.