Come kayak and watch up close as the Humpback Whales play, breach and give birth to their calves in the warm Hawaiian waters.
We get up close, observe the whales and also enjoy a wonderful snorkeling location, all in a fun packed 3 hour kayak snorkel adventure.

Wintertime only!

Each Winter the majestic whales travel thousands of miles from the Alaskan coastline and bask in the warmth of the Hawaiian waters and we are lucky enough to have a front row seat!
The tour runs from December 26th to March 31st, every single year. Trips before and after the season dates can be requested.
Every single day we depart from either Makena or Olowalu and go check out the Whales up close and personal!

A fantastic & fun paddle.

Being a longer tour and featuring more paddling distance than most of our other offerings, we do limit the Whales tour to those aged 5 and over only.
Our Whales tour checks in at 7:00am and usually wraps up around 10:15am.
Over the course of roughly 3 hours we'll travel all over the Bay looking for Whales to get up close with.
All of this fun is in a setting of privacy that you only get with Maui Eco Tours kayak snorkel excursions.

Experience counts when looking for Whales.

Our full time guides will get you closer to the action than any other type of tour on the water.
Getting out and getting close to the whales involves experience with the conditions and tendencies of the whales. Trust our guides to get you the best experience.
Furthermore, only our staff will get right in the water and show you all of the underwater spectacles themselves. They anchor the boats, gear you up, point out marine life and regail you with fun stories, tales of yesteryear and Hawaiian legend all through the tour.
Service is the difference and we pride ourselves on our reputation for personal attention and first class service.

Do tread lightly please.

Sure you could jump on a big gas guzzling whale watching boat, but why? We'll get closer to the humpback whales and we'll do it in a completely environmentally friendly way.
Our kayaks are a zero emissions way to see nature and more importantly they don't disturb the marine life or their environment. Even better, our kayaks allow us to access some unique spots that you normally can't get to.
Let us show you the whales like you've never dreamed of!

Facts about the Whales tour

  • The closest to the whales you can get!
  • Choose Olowalu or Makena location
  • Check-in at 7:00 am, finished by 10:15
  • Participants must be at least 5 years old
  • All snorkel & paddle gear is provided
  • A full safety/instructional briefing is included
  • Beautiful snorkeling at both Makena & Olowalu
  • See the whales, turtles and tropical fish!

Location Map