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Kayak, snorkel and discover the wild sea turtles on this 3 hour, 2 snorkel stop introductory adventure at Olowalu in West Maui or Makena in South Maui.
At both locations you'll enjoy small groups while snorkeling in crystal clear waters that are almost 80 degrees, all set against the backdrop of the stunning West Maui mountains and Haleakala. 3 hours to remember.

Ask around, and you'll find that our Discovery tour is one of the few must-do activities on the island. It will leave you with lasting memories of Maui fun and adventure. The Discovery Maui kayaking tour was chosen as a 2006/2007 Family Travel Favorite by and was featured on MSNBC as a result.

Anyone hungry?

At the end of the Discovery tour, enjoy some wonderful shoreline snacks and beverages!
We always recommend that "big eaters" pack some additional rations if they are so inclined. Additionally, all guests should bring a bottle of water for themselves, as hydration is a critical element to a fun day here on Maui.

Families will love it!

As long as your kids are aged 5 or above you can bring them along to participate in all the fun! By the same token however, don't make the mistake of thinking this is a just a kiddie trip.
The trip is primarily designed for adults as a first time, or simply more laid back style, kayak snorkel combination adventure. The whole family is able to come as we have kayaks that can hold 1, 2 or even 3 people if the 3rd person is a child seated between adults.

Snorkel with loads of wild marine life.

On the Discovery we will see tons of turtles, beautiful tropical fish in a stunning array of colors, perhaps some dolphins and in the Winter we're also joined by the Humpback Whales down from Alaska.
All of the underwater life is framed by beautiful, calm and warm indigo waters that surround the Hawaiian Islands, and are particularly lovely in the Olowalu and Makena regions where the Discovery tours takes place.

Our guides are the best!

Our small staff of guides carries years of experience and they are the best in the business, bar none. They'll give you instruction on correct paddling and snorkeling techniques and be right in the water alongside you all day.
Throughout your time with us, they'll regail you with stories, legends and local knowledge all delivered with the charm, energy and charisma that only our staff offers.

This is their full time job and many of our guests come back each year from places as far away as Japan and England just to get in the water with our guides again.

Don't miss the best of Maui!

Come see what all the talk is about. Let us show you that service is the difference.
We guarantee that kayaking and snorkeling with Maui Eco Tours will be one of, if not the one single best highlight of your entire Hawaiian vacation.

Facts about the Discovery tour

  • Kayak & snorkel for 3 hours
  • Kids under 9 are 25% off!
  • Runs 7 days a week, year round
  • Check-In at 7:00am, done around 10:00am.
  • Choose Olowalu or Makena location
  • A perfect intro trip with 2 stops
  • Snacks and beverages provided
  • Instruction & gear provided
  • Ages 5+ are welcome!

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