Desbhakta Khanal

Deshbhakta Khanal, a veteran actor of Nepalese cinema industry, has played as a Character Artist in the movie. His life time experiences of acting on various Nepali movies and dramas have been an added assets in the making of the movie Jhola.


  • Name: Mr. Ganesh Prasad Upadhyaya Khanal
  • Pseudo Name: Deshbhakta Khanal
  • Date of Birth: 2012-12-6 BS ; March 19, 1956 AD
  • Place of Birth: Biratnagar, Morang, Nepal
  • Father’s Name: (Late) Kamala Kanta Upadhyaya Khanal
  • Nationality: Nepali
  • Religion: Hindu
  • Academic Qualification: Diploma in Business Administration & Commerce
  • Institutional Education: Masters of Business Administtration
  • Government Job : Ground Water Resource Development Board
    Ground Water Resource Development Project