Raj K. Timalsina

Mr. Rajkumar Timalsina is a well-known actor and filmmaker of Nepalese Film Industry. So far, he has produced 5 full length feature film as a prominent film maker. Not only as a filmmaker, he has successfully shown his acting skills in almost one dozen Nepali feature films and telefilms. He also grabs more than 50 music videos as his acting credential. At present, he is the owner of Darpan Films Pvt. Ltd, a company that produces feature films, documentaries, serials and music videos.
In the movie Jhola, Mr. Raj has worked as a Producer and Casting Director. His experience has surely brought good results in the making of Jhola.


Name: Rajkumar Timalsina
Date of Birth: 2038-5-26 BS
Address: Kopundole, Lalitpur
Occupation: Artist / Filmmaker
Produced Films:
Sangharsha 2061 BS
Bhaiko Maya 2062 BS
Faisala 2064 BS
Silsila 2065 BS
Jhola 2069 BS

As an Actor:

Bhaiko Maya
Ho Yehi Maya Ho
Timile Diyeko Maya
Mannmanai Mann Paraye
Euta Maanchheko Maya
Naya Nepal Express
Kaslai Aafno Bhanu
Afnai Mannlai Sodhi Hera
Kina Kina