The story of the Jhola was written in Falgun, 2057 BS, and was first published in the Mainali Katha Sangraha by Nepal Rajkiya Sasthan. After an excellent critical reception “Jhola,” it was republished along with 11
additional stories in Jhola, a volume of short stories, in 2060 BS by Mr. Ashok Rai of Jhapa, Damak.


The story “Jhola” is written in a literary style that tries to recreate the flow of consciousness. The plot of the story begins with an old man leaving a bag for a night at the writer’s home. Due to the unstable political situation of the times, the writer searches the bag suspiciously only to find an old manuscript containing 11 short stories. More »

Historical Background of Sati Pratha

Sati system is the custom in which the widow is placed on pyre of deceased husband and burnt alive. Sati practie can be found mentioned in several Hindu religious scriptures and epics.


Religious Epics like Naradsmriti etc. say that after the death of the husband the widow should be a Sati or live purely single.This shows that Sati was not mandatory in ancient times.Nepal’s first authentic inscription found on stone pillar at the Changunarayan Temples proves .. More »

From the Scene

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