Boats / Feri
Elephant Ride
Rikhsaw Ride :

(Rikhsaw ride : Two- Seater Tricycle) There are many ways to get around in Nepal.  Most visitors get around by Taxi and bus in Nepal as car hire is difficult and it is usually necessary to have a driver.Rickshaws are a wonderful way of getting around Nepal and as such they are a very popular mode of transport.

They are usually three wheeled vehicles and many are pulled by motorcycle engined devices.  However, in the old city in Kathmandu you may see many examples of rickshaws pulled by bicycle. In particular the battery operated rickshaws are a great way of getting around Nepal without adding further pollution.
Cart :

(Cart, a friendly ride by horse or cow) Horse has been a very good friend of human.
these are old tranditional ways of transporting things from one place to another, its also used to transport people.
This is why people says that horse helps human to build the civilization. In the ancient age, horses were the only best way of transportation.

This are mostly seen only on village area, and are getting eradicated by the growing modernization. Horse, cows, buffalos are trained for carting, it is fun but extreame slow tranport means. a person is controlling the animal sitting behind it, so called a driver of the cart.
Ropeways, Manual:

(Ropeway, a adventurous destination) Ropeway transport has been in use in Nepal for many years. In their most basic form, they consist of a single span made with fibre rope simply anchored at each end.

Rural access is a major problem in Nepal. Settlements are scattered with few densely populated areas, which combined with the harsh terrain and unfavourable weather conditions makes linking homes to established roads very difficult. The first major ropeway in Nepal installed in the 1920s followed by an improved and extended system in1964.

Although there has been some stagnation in the development of large-scale ropeways, small-scale systems are economically feasible in Nepal.
Biking, Local ride :

(Biking, this is fun in the city) Nepal is recognised to be one of the world's great mountain biking destinations and this superb cross-country bike ride is one of our favourites and acknowledged classics. Nepal's diverse terrain is a mountain biker's dream-adventure come true.

Mountain biking offers an environmentally sound way of exploring this magnificent country, its landscape and living heritage. Because this is a Spartan, laborious mode of travel, it is also considered the way to travel by the 'purists'. There are plenty of dirt roads and trails in Nepal to meet every mountain biker's wildest fantasy.
Nepal Airlines :

(Nepali, Official Nepal Aircraft ) Planes are one of the easiest and fastest means to reach the far and remote parts of Nepal. Most of the airstrips in Nepal are quite difficult as they lie on the mountain sides surrounded by high peaks

.Its a once in a life time experience in air at an altitude of the world’s highest peak Mt.Everest as well as other Himalayas.Apart from the Government owned Royal Nepal Airlines, there are a number of private companies operating domestic flights to different sectors including the always talked about must try one hour mountain flight also widely known as the Everest experience which enables you to have a tryst with the majestic snow capped mountains from Mt. Gauri Shankar to Mt. Ama Dablam to the highest peak in the world – the Mount Everest.

Tempo, Nepal Tuk-Tuk :

(Kathmandu tuk-tuk, most commonly used transport in nepal) It is a motorized version of the traditional rickshaw, a small two- or three-wheeled cart pulled by a person, and the velotaxi. A small number of auto rickshaws and tuk-tuks can be seen on the streets all over kathmandu,the capital of Nepal.

The auto rickshaw is also related to its Thai, Lao, Cambodian cousins, the tuk-tuk and the Bajaj in Indonesia, whereas in Brighton, England auto rickshaws are called tuctucs. Tempo can be categorised in two types. One is a three-wheeled electric or propane-powered microbus for 10-13 passengers.
They run in different routes around the city. The other type is a newer Toyota van running the same routes at a higher price and a bit faster and safer.