Low-GI Solution

Low-GI Solution

Holista, in partnership with leading European food experts Veripan AG, achieved the world’s lowest Glycemic Index (GI) reading of 53 for white bread. When added to white flour-based foods, the low-GI formula significantly reduces blood sugar levels without altering taste or mouth-feel.

The global scientific breakthrough was verified in a clinical study conducted by a leading university in Sydney, Australia (December 2015).

The ingredient, PANATURA® GI, is a clean-label sourdough and contains the following all-natural ingredients:
• Okra (ladies’ fingers)
• Fenugreek
• Dhal (lentils)
• Barley

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Why Low-GI?
According to public health experts, a sharp rise in the consumption of white flour products is leading to a potential health epidemic problem known as “metabolic syndrome” which is characterized by obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

GI is an indicator of how carbohydrate foods raise blood glucose levels. Experts widely accept that peaks in insulin are directly related to obesity, type-2 diabetes and higher risk of heart disease. In contrast, low-GI foods contain slowly digested carbohydrates which produce a gradual, relatively low rise in the levels of blood glucose and insulin.

Industry Success
In February 2016, Holista and Veripan AG launched PANATURA®GI at a press conference in Malaysia, generating significant interest among investors, media and consumers. Holista and Veripan AG will market and jointly distribute PANATURA®GI, enabling clients to launch low-GI baked products (e.g. “diabetic bread”, muffins, noodles, pastas). The global white bread market is worth USD$170 billion as of 2015.

Holista has also formed an exclusive partnership with Nadja Foods – baked goods supplier to chains such as McDonalds and Subway Restaurants, which was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show – to distribute GI-lite products to America and Canada.

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Press releases:
12 Jan. 2016 – Global Scientific Breakthrough with Europe’s Leading Veripan AG
27 Jan. 2016 – Low-GI Bread Update
16 Feb. 2016 – Placement to Major Shareholder of Swiss Panadoro Group
3 Mar. 2016 – Celebrity Cook and Author, Nadja Piatka (Nadja Foods), Partners with Holista
6 Apr. 2016 – Partnership with Nadja Foods Extended