Functional Food Ingredients

Functional Food Ingredients

About Our Functional Food Ingredients

Obesity, a leading cause of diabetes and heart disease, is a global epidemic spreading at an alarming rate. This can be attributed to a global over consumption of sugar, starch, salt and saturated fats, otherwise known as the “4S Tsunami.”

As a solution, Holista has developed four functional food ingredients:

Sugar: Low-GI ingredient, PANATURA®GI

Salt: Low-sodium salt

Starch: XX

Saturated Fats: XX

Benefits of Holista’s Functional Food Ingredients:
  • All-natural – No synthetic or genetically modified ingredients.
  • Clinically tested – Ingredients have been tested and validated at laboratories in the U.K., Australia and Malaysia.
  • No regulatory requirements – All ingredients are labeled as ‘Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS)’ by the United States Food & Drug Administration.
  • Uncompromised quality – Ingredients do not change the taste or texture of final products.
  • No modification of processes and equipment – Ingredients can be easily added to the production process without the need for major equipment upgrades.

Low-GI ingredient, PANATURA®GI
Holista, in partnership with leading European food experts Veripan AG, achieved the world’s lowest Glycemic Index (GI) reading of 53 for white bread. When added to white flour-based foods, the low-GI formula significantly reduces blood sugar levels without altering taste or mouth-feel.

The global scientific breakthrough was verified in a clinical study conducted by a leading university in Sydney, Australia (December 2015).

The ingredient, PANATURA® GI, is a clean-label sourdough and contains the following all-natural ingredients:
  • Okra (ladies’ fingers)
  • Fenugreek
  • Dhal (lentils)
  • Barley

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Low-sodium salt
Our patented natural ingredient can lower sodium content by up to 50% compared to normal table salt, without compromising the flavor of the final product. All basic research and development for this product was completed in the U.K., Australia and Malaysia.

Overconsumption of salt has been directly linked to high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. Reducing salt intakes to World Health Organisation-recommended levels can save 2.5 million lives a year.

The benefits of low-sodium salt include:
  • Up to 50% reduction in sodium, which has been linked to blood pressure and heart disease.
  • Higher in potassium, which is clinically demonstrated to be heart-healthy
  • Can be added to both water and fat-based foods
  • Highly stable; can be heated and cooked
  • Can be added to fast foods such as chips for a healthier alternative

Saturated fats
Holista has patented a two-step method for frying foods with 40% less oil. Using this solution, fast foods such as chips become less oily and contain fewer calories, while maintaining a crispy texture.

The saturated fat solution was tested and validated at the Functional Food Center in Oxford Brookes University (U.K) and the University of Western Australia (Australia).