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By 31 August 2015
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Southeast Asian hospitals in the region are undergoing tremendous growth and transformation due to the increasing affluence of the middle class, new technology innovations and the rising demand for quality yet affordable healthcare.

Set against a backdrop of regulatory changes implemented by ASEAN, the inaugural HBE ASIA is a unique public private collaboration that gathers senior leaders from Government, public and private healthcare providers, health insurance companies, medical equipment, health technology providers, building contractors, architects and engineers from the region to transform healthcare delivery in Southeast Asia.

Designed as a multi-disciplinary environment to inspire stakeholders involved in health, funding, construction and technology to evoke change for the advancement of a better delivery of healthcare for staff, patients and their families, HBE ASIA will present insightful strategies, latest updates, real-life case studies, interactive panel discussions and opportunities on investments. It will offer healthcare providers insights to effectively capitalise on the changing healthcare demands in Southeast Asia, to meet the critical healthcare challenges and ensure effective and tangible improvements in their everyday clinical practices and patient outcomes.

Hosting 8 educational forums and roundtable discussions over two days alongside relevant exhibitions it will be followed by 1 day of visits to key healthcare facilities to round off the experience for the participants.

HBE ASIA takes on the following days: