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Working Visa / Visa Processing



Foreign employee working in Philippines required a work visa & work permit, which should be done prior to commencing employment. Eazyjobs is specialized in obtaining proper Philippine employment permits and working visas for foreign employees and will handle documentation, registration, and processing with the Philippine Bureau of Immigration and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) so you can avoid dealing with time-consuming bureaucracy at government agencies.

   Our methodology and approach   

  1. Step 1: Submit required documents to Eazyjobs
  2. Step 2: We will do all the jobs for you!


  1. Allocate saved time and resources to focus on business strategy and core competencies

    You’re doing what you do because you’re good at it, so taking time away from your core responsibilities has a direct impact on your business performance. Handing this work off to Eazyjobs allows you to stay focused.
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