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Customer support services outsourcing is fully operated by Eazyjobs, the trusted choice for many companies seeking to outsource their call center operations to optimize on cost, time & efficiency.

We provide Voice, Live Chat, Email Support & Back Office services (Transaction Processing & Data Entry) which are proven, effective & endorsed by our clients, and partners for quality in customer service. We guarantee visible increase in sales and happy customer faces at affordable cost.

Our primary service offerings are Customer Support services, Technical Support Services & Business Process Outsourcing. We offer 24/7 contact centre services for Order taking, Customer Support (Technical & non-Technical), Toll-free Answering Services, 24-Hr Help Desk, and Emergency Response over multiple media like Phone, Live Chat & Emails.

We specialize in inbound call center services over Phone, Live Chat and Email answering with near-zero error which enhances your customer's support experience.

  1. Basic skills training: Training on verbal Mandarin skills, speed typing, internet navigation and basic computer skills.
  2. Customer care training: Training on customer care, campaign sessions, sales communication skills, handling customer complaints, increasing customer loyalty, telephone discipline and interaction etiquette.
  3. Accent and cultural training: Training on international accent, voice clarity, voice diction and articulation.
  4. Customer specific training: Training on the customer’s products/ services, type of industry, goals, KPIs and key attributes.

Our methodology and approach

  1. Step 1: Agreement Contract Signed
  2. Step 2: Deployment of Customer Service Executive
  3. Step 3: Confirmation on FAQs and Training Materials
  4. Step 4: Intensive Training and Assessment for Customer Service Executive
  5. Step 5: Kick-start Project
  6. Step 6: Identification of Problems and Feedback to Supervisor
  7. Step 7: Ensure FAQs and Information are up-to-date
  8. Step 8: Weekly Report to Client

Why choose us

  1. Enhanced customer experience leading to greater satisfaction and loyalty by the provided ideal support from our team of well-trained and experienced representatives.
  2. Allocate saved time and resources to focus on business strategy and core competencies. You’re doing what you do because you’re good at it, so taking time away from your core responsibilities has a direct impact on your business performance. Handing this work off to Eazyjobs allows you to stay focused.
  3. Efficient management of fluctuating volumes of calls and save cost. Handling call volume, staffing, quality assurance, software customization, etc. – these are things Eazyjobs deal with every day. If you tried do take all of this on you would quickly be over your head.
why choose us

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