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Eazyjobs is an executive search firm with offices in Philippines and Malaysia. We have a team of dedicated and experienced business personnel and entrepreneurs to make our client’s HR-job easier.

Recruiting in a global economy is costly, time consuming, and takes away needed resources from other projects. As a professional executive search firm, we able to help our client accurately matching the right people they need within the shortest time possible with lesser cost and lesser resources. Moreover, to fulfill our client’s changing needs as business grows, we do not just assist in the hiring of individuals. Instead, we expanded our service offerings in Philippines such as customer service training program, work visa/permit processing service, customer service outsourcing, and with other exciting plans in the pipeline to meet our client’s needs.

We are the HR solution partner-of-choice for clients across a range of industries, from the world’s largest companies to medium-sized businesses, and entrepreneurial startups. In short, our objective is to provide the most effective HR solution to our client and make their job easier!

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