Announcement: A hobby place to connect the good buyer and good seller. All ads is free now (T&C applied)

Any one can sell now

The new way of selling and buying begin from here.

Manage your delivery

We allow own arrangement of delivery. To further ensure that, we have the money back guarantee policy.

Buyer money secured

The first-of-a-kind online money back guarantee policy (MBGP). We will pay you back up to USD40 if you received goods that is not up to expectation. (T&C applied)

Hassle free form PM

No longer need to have endless personal message, popping up, irritating, wasting time, re-discussion again & again… is the best platform to reduce all these issues.

From Street Selling to Online Selling now!

About Us

We are a TEAM of “fish hobbyist”. Fishkeeping is becoming more and more popular hobby of people among all ages. What we want is to create a friendly, safe and convenient place for buyer and seller to connect to each other freely at any time. This is where you can sell & buy freely and easily without many PM (personal message), furthermore, with our Money-back-guarantee-policy (MBGP), you will be ensure for your peace of mind.