About Ascertain

About Our Company

Ascertain has been providing versatile services to Banks and Credit Unions companies in Malaysia & Singapore since..

Our Mission

At Ascertain, we are committed in ensuring that our software operates efficiently and with high reliability through..


Universal Alert Management Solution

Personalize your brand engagement by keeping your customers informed on key financial..

Intelligent Image Recognition (i2R)

Intelligent Image Recognition (i2R) is a business-ready solution and can be used by Financial Industries..


Wholetail Lockbox Services

One of the banking services that businesses of all sizes may find useful is a lockbox service.

Multichannel Broadcasting

Ascertain eNotice Broadcasting service allows your important notifications to safely reach your clients via SMS, Email..

Business Solutions

Client Onboarding System (ACOB)

ACOB is a combination of Ascertain Imaging, workflow, notification, data conversion and interface Manager..

Transaction Screening System (TSS)

TSS facilitates compliance to regulatory guidelines on inflow and outflow cross border payments.