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Inventory and BevIntel Reports

Do you dread the painstaking end-of-day inventory count? With the state-of-the-art Bar POS from TouchBistro™, you can keep track of what bottles you have in stock and what alcohol is being sold.

See at a glance your sales vs. costs for a quick overview of how you’re doing in drink sales. Take advantage of your most popular orders to increase your revenues, while reducing unwanted expenses on less performing items. Time to work smarter, not harder.

Bar Tabs

Give your patrons a remarkable bar experience without the hassle. Our Bar POS can easily keep and categorize bar tabs by individual seat or customer’s name. Remove the stress of storing, finding and dealing with patrons’ credit cards. Now it’s simple to keep credit card numbers or PayPal check-in credentials associated with the tab for faster settling.


Dine at Bar? Not a problem!

It is time to stop limiting your food service to only those at a table. For patrons who prefer to dine at the bar, or for those sat at the bar during peak times, TouchBistro™ can wirelessly send food orders to the kitchen. So keep those fryers burning and enjoy your increased revenue possibilities!

Bar Register Mode

Quickly process any patron, at any time. Even at peak times and rushes. Lock TouchBistro™ in Bar Register Mode and serve walk-ups more quickly. Also enable the Fast Bar feature to experience the convenience of speedy turnover times, leaving your competitors struggling to keep up. Take the order and cash them out. Next?!


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