About Us


The air we breathe (O2), the water we drink (H2O) and the gas in helium balloons
(He) are all elements of our everyday lives. And so is Aluminum. For example, think
about various container packaging’s such as soft drink cans, cars, building materials
and aircraft structures.

Our company, “13th Element” takes this light yet durable resource and finds another
distinctive use for it. Our beautiful images of contemporary Hong Kong are bonded
to aluminum that is guaranteed to last. Our Artwork is then finished with a scratch
safe Perspex that give the photo’s an extraordinary richness of colour and movement.
13th Element is proud that our photo’s capture and bring to life contemporary
everyday life in Hong Kong. Images that are seen each day and that you pass by
when you are in one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Our highly talented
photographer has over 22 years’ experience capturing imagery from across the
globe and delights in his unique perspective of everyday living and life.

13th Element Art makes an ideal gift and special memory with the added advantage that
(as opposed to wooden frames) they are NOT subject to customs and quarantine regulations.
Our regular sized images are also “plane size friendly!”

Please feel free to browse our gallery and should you wish to purchase any of our images,
you can shop securely via our online shopping cart. Orders are fulfilled within 3
weeks and are available for collection from our centrally located Wanchai office or we
are happy to arrange delivery for you.